Using the services of "Tatanka " constitutes acceptance of these regulations.



  1. Preliminary booking can be made by phone, via e-mail or using the booking form available at

  2. When making an initial reservation, it is necessary to specify the date of stay and the number of people. Initial booking takes place after confirming the availability of the facility and a clear declaration of willingness to rent.

  3. Pre-booking is valid for 24 hours.

  4. Guaranteed reservation takes place after making an advance payment for the stay. From the moment of making the initial booking, the time for making the advance payment is 24 hours. The down payment is 40% of the total amount of the stay. The reservation is considered confirmed after sending the proof of payment / transfer to the e-mail address: or crediting the funds to the bank account.

  5. After posting the deposit transfer or sending the confirmation of the transfer, an e-mail confirming the reservation is sent to the person making the reservation.

  6. The deposit is made to the bank account number: 80187010452078106346650001

  7. Only the reservation number should be included in the title of the transfer.

  8. In the event of the Lessee's complete resignation from the stay for reasons beyond the Lessor's control, the down payment is not refundable.

  9. The remaining amount for the stay must be paid by bank transfer (in advance) up to 7 working days before arrival.

  10. The deposit is collected for the duration of the stay, payable by bank transfer 7 days before arrival, in the amount of PLN 500 and is a security against damage during the stay. The deposit is returned within 2 working days from the time the Lessee leaves the House, provided that the technical condition of all items constituting the equipment of the House, as well as the building itself and the land belonging to it, will not be worse than when handing over the keys to the building to the Lessee.

  11. Payment for the stay is not refundable in the event of shortening the stay.

  12. The local tax is not included in the room price and amounts to PLN 2.31 per night.



  1. The day starts at 16:00 (arrival) and ends at 11:00 (departure).

  2. The minimum rental period is 2 days, unless the special offer states otherwise.

  3. The Lessee is obliged to inform the Lessor about the planned time of reaching Tatanka Dom w Puszczy, at least 1 day before arrival.

  4. The landlord will receive an hour before arrival, a text message sent to the telephone number provided during booking, with the access code to the clipboard, unless the House is handed over in the presence of an employee of the House.

  5. On the day of leaving the facility, the entry key should be put back in the locker and the digits on the top of the locker should be turned in any direction, unless the House is collected in the presence of an employee of the House.

  6. Guests are required to keep the key to the facility with due care. In the event of its loss, guests will be charged with the cost of replacing two lock inserts in the amount of PLN 250.

  7. Failure to leave the apartment on the day of the planned departure by 11:00 will be treated as an extension of the stay for another day.

  8. If the Lessee shortens the period of stay, the amount for the unused period is not refunded.

  9. If the Lessee does not arrive within the prescribed period, the reservation guaranteed by the advance payment is automatically canceled at 11:00 am on the following day, the advance payment is not refundable.

  10. It is possible to extend the stay only in the absence of prior reservations of the House by other guests.

  11. The tenant may not lend or sublet the house to other people.

  12. More than 12 people may stay in the house and on the premises only with the consent of the Lessor.

  13. If the declared number of people using the house is exceeded (without the consent and knowledge of the Lessor), the right to terminate the contract with all the consequences is reserved without the need to return the previously paid fee.



  1. The Lessee, upon arrival, but before moving in, is obliged to pick up the House, i.e. check the furniture, windows, shower cubicle and other devices in the House.

  2. Comments as to damage, destruction should be reported immediately to the Lessor.

  3. The Lessee bears full financial responsibility for any damage, destruction of equipment and technical devices of the House during the stay, whether it is willful or unintentional fault.

  4. The Lessee is solely and fully responsible for the people staying with them (including children and animals).

  5. The Lessee has no right, without the prior consent of the Lessor, to make any repairs or make any outlays or changes to the House. The Lessee is obliged to immediately inform the Lessor about the need to make repairs or expenses.

  6. In the event of technical defects, the Lessee is obliged to report them to the Lessor as soon as possible, which will enable an appropriate reaction and action.

  7. The landlord is not responsible for any temporary inconvenience caused by independent suppliers, e.g. temporary power failure.



  1. The Lessee is obliged to use the House in accordance with its properties and purpose. Please do not rearrange the beds in the bedrooms and use changeable footwear inside the house.

  2. The Lessor is not responsible for items left in the cottage.

  3. Car parking is possible only in a designated place indicated by the facility administrator. The car park is an unguarded car park. The Lessor is not responsible for the theft or destruction of motor vehicles or other belonging to the Lessee.

  4. The users of the facility are obliged to comply with the rules of fire safety.

  5. In the House, under the stairs, there is a fire extinguisher, which should be used in the event of a fire, and immediately inform the Lessor about this event. For unjustified use of a fire extinguisher, the Lessee will be charged PLN 150 and PLN 500 for cleaning the House.

  6. Under no circumstances should you put any objects on the casing of a free-standing fireplace, as this may cause a fire.

  7. Only wood and kindling provided by the Lessor may be used to kindle the "goat".

  8. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the House and on the terrace of the House.

  9. Due to the fire protection requirements, it is not allowed to use any instruments or devices powered by electricity or gas that are not the equipment of these rooms and that may create a fire hazard, e.g. electric heaters, heaters, gas burners. It is forbidden to bring flammable materials, explosives and materials with an unpleasant smell into the House.

  10. Barbecue smoking on the terrace of the House is unacceptable.

  11. Burning the grill and bonfire is possible only in designated places.

  12. After using the grill, the Lessee is obliged to clean up the ash, throw away food, packaging and remove any rubbish.

  13. After using the fire, extinguish it with water from the wrench located at the outer tap. Under no circumstances should a lit fire be left unattended.



  1. Guests undertake to use the accommodation facility only for residential purposes - it is forbidden to organize events in "Tatanka Dom w Puszczy"

  2. In the event that the Lessee significantly violates the peace and / or welfare of the neighbors and does not comply with the generally applicable standards of coexistence between people and in the event of a justified intervention by the police, the Lessor reserves the right to terminate the Lessee's stay in the House and is then not obliged to return the money for the unused period of stay.



  1. The Lessee is obliged to maintain and return the House in the same condition, which includes in particular:

    1. leaving washed dishes and kitchen utensils before departure

    2. emptying the refrigerator of food and leaving it in perfect condition,

    3. leaving the house surroundings in the same condition

    4. throwing rubbish into bins located at the entrance to the property.

    5. cleaning the grill from ash, throwing away food, packaging and removing all rubbish.

Otherwise, it may result in adding a fee of PLN 100 to the stay, the invoice may be sent to the Guest's address with a request for payment.

  1. Before leaving the facility, please check and close the doors and windows.

  2. Before leaving the facility, the service employee has the right to check the technical condition of the apartment - any defects noticed at that time and not reported to the Lessor on the day of departure will be charged to the guest's account.




  1. We only accept small pets, for an additional fee of PLN 30 per night. We do not accept puppies or kittens.

  2. The owner bears full financial responsibility for any damage caused by the dog or cat.

  3. The owner is obliged to clean up the faeces on the property.



  1. The price of services provided by the Lessor Tatanka Dom w Puszczy does not include insurance. The services are used by Tenants at their own risk. The Lessor is not responsible for any injuries, damage and destruction of property (damage to health and property of a third person), also for theft of luggage during the entire stay.